Unmarried people are more at risk of heart failure, know what the study says

Marriage is not only a social system i.e. not only a social system, but it also affects health. Scientific Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Research It has been found that people who are unmarried or who do not have a life partner, those people are at higher risk of death due to heart failure. According to this study, unmarried people suffering from heart failure, due to limited social connections, they have less confidence to handle their condition than married people. Because of this difference, the chances of survival after heart failure in unmarried people are relatively low.

author of the study and of the Comprehensive Heart Failure Center at the University Hospital Würzburg, Germany Dr. Fabian Kerwagen It is said that social support helps people to manage long term situations. Life partner can help you in taking medicine or they can show readiness for it. This makes it easier for patients to develop healthy behavior. All these factors have positive effects for longevity.

what the experts say
According to Dr. Fabian, the unmarried patients included in this study showed a lack of social relationships compared to the married patients. Along with this, the confidence to handle the situation arising out of heart failure was also found to be low. In view of these factors, we investigated whether these factors can also be related to life span.

How did the study happen?
Earlier studies observed that unmarried people have less awareness of the diagnosis of diseases. Whether it is common people or both arterial and heart patients, this condition has been seen. Combining this analysis with Extended Interdisciplinary Network Heart Failure (E-INH), the impact of marital status (marital status) in chronic heart failure was assessed. The E-INH study included 1022 patients hospitalized for heart failure between 2004 and 2007. Of these, 1008 patients reported marital status, of which 633 i.e. about 67% were married and 375 i.e. about 37% were unmarried. Widow or widower (195), never married (96) and divorced (84) were included in the category of unmarried people.

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The quality of life, extent and competence of social relationships were assessed through a specially designed cardiomyopathy questionnaire for patients with heart failure. Social relationships here refer to the ability to communicate with people around the heart due to symptoms of heart failure, such as doing things you love, engaging in recreational activities, and visiting relatives or friends. Self-efficacy means taking measures to prevent heart failure and reduce its complications. Along with this, depressed mood was assessed by the Patient Health Questioner (PHQ-9).

Participants’ position at the start of the study
The analysis found that there was no significant difference in overall quality of life or depressed mood between married and unmarried patients. But unmarried people had significantly worse social limits and self-efficacy scores than married people.

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status after 10 years
A 10-year follow-up study found that 679 (67%) patients died. Comparing the status of married and unmarried, it was found that unmarried people proved to be weak on all parameters and their death rate was also high. Dr Fabian Kerwagen says that the results of this study show that the support of marriage and social relationships is expected in the long life of patients with heart failure.

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