Urfi Javed, who asked questions on Islam and Sanatan Dharma, likes this star of South, said this for Bollywood

Urfi Javed is known for her strange o poor dresses. Even though the video of a big star may not go viral on social media, but every clip of Urfi becomes an internet sensation. She made her TV debut with ‘Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania’ and later she appeared in many serials like ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’, ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, ‘Saat Phero Ki Hera Pherie’, ‘Chandra Nandini’. However, through the small screen, he did not get the recognition that he got from his fashion style. Urfi has also done ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ in Season 1, but she could not get much popularity from here too. Although Urfi is active in the Hindi industry and has a rapport with TV celebs, but she also loves South films. Yes, and she herself has said this thing. He also revealed which hero of South he likes.

These are Urfi’s favorite South Heroes
A few months ago, Urfi said in an interview that he likes South films. Meanwhile, he also disclosed about his favorite South Indian star. Let us tell you that KGF star Yash, who is called the young man of today’s era, is liked by Yash but he gets over excited as soon as he takes the name of Ram Charan. He said, he loves the look and personality of the megastar. However, she also has respect for Hindi films. When asked that ‘Bollywood is coming to an end now as RRR, Pushpa and KGF 2′ are the craze, so what do you have to say?’ On this, Urfi had said that ‘Wood of Bollywood world which can never end’. Today his level is down but tomorrow he will take his place at some point.

Urfi is also known for her impeccable style
For information, let us tell you that Urfi is also known for her impeccable style. Whatever happens in their heart is on their tongue. The way she wears all kinds of outfits without any hesitation, she never thinks about what others will say and think about her. The same thing is also seen in his style of speaking. Recently, Urfi has given a statement in which he has questioned Islam and Sanatan Dharma. Recently, Urfi revealed many secrets of his personal life in an interview with Telly Masala.

Urfi getting trolled for her statement on religion
During this, he said about religion, ‘I did not get any answer to the things said in religion. When Islam was formed two-and-a-half thousand years ago… no one is following it anyway. Nor is anyone following Sanatan Dharma like it was created five thousand years ago. Islam says that music should not be listened to much but no one has the answer why. Not only this, Kanyadan is done in Hinduism..but why are you donating girl…it is a thing to donate girl…both made their own rules and regulations, but where are people following both the religions today?’ Urfi is being trolled tremendously with this statement. By the way, Urfi is always a victim of criticism and even through the latest statement, he has to listen to the truth.

Urfi will never marry a Muslim man
It is to be known that earlier, during the Big Boss OTT, in a statement last year, she has also said that she is a Muslim but follows Bhagwat Geeta. She also said that she would never marry a Muslim man. Urfi Javed feels that society rejects her when she shows her bold look as she has no godfather in the industry. But more importantly, he is a Muslim.

Urfi reads Bhagavad Gita
Urfi had said that ‘I am a Muslim girl. Most of the indecent comments I receive are from Muslim people. He says that I am maligning the image of Islam. They hate me because Muslim men want their women to behave in a certain way. They want to control all the women of the community. I do not believe in Islam because of this. In the meantime, she had said that ‘I am reading Bhagavad Gita, I just want to know more about that religion. I am more interested in the logical part of it. I hate extremism, so I want to extract a good portion of the holy book.’

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