Visit ‘Jain Coffee House’ in Chavadi Bazar to taste the amazing fruit sandwich, also watch VIDEO


This shop was started in the year 1948 in Old Delhi.
You can taste a dozen sandwiches and toasts at the outlet.

Sandwiches are considered a foreign item, but now it has become an important part of Indian cuisine. There is no better food than a delicious sandwich to satiate a light-hearted hunger. If most of the sandwiches are made of butter or too much, then cucumber, tomato and onion will be presented by layering it. But the sandwiches that we are taking to feed you today are fruit sandwiches and their taste is amazing. It would not be an exaggeration to call the sandwiches found in this outlet, which has been running for years in Old Delhi, as vintage. The name of this outlet is also included in the food tours that foreign groups visiting Delhi do in the capital.

Outlet as old as Old Delhi

The Chawri Bazar area of ​​Old Delhi is very famous. Sanitary and its fittings are available here, which are also supplied all over the country. Hundreds of businessmen come to the market every day, for their food, there are years old outlets in this market, where the taste of old Delhi can be enjoyed. Out of these, there is an old outlet in the name of ‘Jain Coffee House’ in Raghuganj, Daiwada, where sandwiches, especially fruit sandwiches, have remained the center of attraction for the indigenous and foreign people. If you look at this outlet, it looks as old as Old Delhi, where sandwiches are available in the indigenous way, but the taste in the hands of the sellers is so great that people are drawn to eat and pack. Whenever you go, you will see sandwiches being made in bulk there.

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Chutney, Jaljamani bring different taste

Although about a dozen sandwiches and toasts are available here, but people get the most pleasure only in the fruit sandwiches found here. These sandwiches are really unique and amazing. These include Mango, Apple, Chikoo, Strawberry, Mix fruit etc. The way of making them will make your mouth water. You order, two pieces of fresh bread will be taken out and a special dry fruit chutney will be wrapped over one. After that your favorite fruit will be cut and placed on that slice, pieces of cheese will also be spread on them.

Take any sandwich of two slices, its price ranges from Rs 40 to Rs 90.

After this butter will also be applied and in the end another fruit layer will be applied from above. In the second bread slice, after applying saffron jaljamani (a kind of chutney) on the main bread, the four sides of this sandwich will be cut and presented. As soon as you put a bite in your mouth, you will feel that a sandwich of really different taste is dissolving juice in your mouth.

This outlet is running since the year 1948

Take any sandwich of two slices, its price ranges from Rs 40 to Rs 90. If you want tea or coffee, then its price is also in 20-30 rupees. If you want, you can also take the sandwich in the form of toast. Sub bread slices are crisped in the toaster, its fun is also different. Shakes can also be enjoyed here according to the taste of the fruit sandwiches available here. Thick and fresh. Their price is also 60 to 100 rupees.

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This shop was started in the year 1948 by Shambhudayal Jain, a resident of Old Delhi. Earlier there was a small confectionery shop in the area. Sandwich and that too fruit wala, the concept was different, it worked. After him, this shop is being run by his sons Pawan Jain and Anil Jain. His son Abhishek is helping him. They say that if everything is fresh, if there are some secrets, then the taste will emerge. Foreigners also like our sandwiches. We have maintained the old Delhi look of the shop so that the culture of the area is also known to the people. Work starts at 10 in the morning and people keep coming and going till 8 in the night. Sunday is a holiday. Nearest Metro Station: Chawri Bazar

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