Welcome to Eden Review: Where will a society fleeing loneliness find its place?

In the kind of life that the people of the whole world are living, migration seems to be the only resort, even if it is only for a short time. Apart from mental illnesses, our susceptibility has also increased manifold. We get angry, annoyed, angry or sad about anything. By drinking alcohol, going to parties, quarreling with or getting upset with their parents, giving more importance to their friends than their relatives, today’s young generation wants to declare themselves as rebels for no reason. In such a situation, there is a fear of wrong association and wandering, and sometimes such damage is also done which is difficult to compensate. There are no joint families in foreign countries, parents also love their personal life more than their children, and the spirit of children to live their life in their own way affects all their decisions. The web series ‘Welcome To Eden’ released on Netflix documents one such incident at a time when a member of a broken family gets caught in a conspiracy from where his escape is equal to impossible. Filmed on a very beautiful location, this web series warns us from the time to come. Must see it.

Going into the bottom of this web series made in Spain, it is understood that loneliness has become a terrible disease in western countries. Due to personal reasons, people are now passing through lonely situations in the crowd. Some are intoxicated with alcohol, some have the pain of performing stunts that put life at risk, some have the grief of being a part of a broken family, and some have the pain of falling to pieces in love. The reasons are different but loneliness is the same for everyone. Cocaine-like addiction to make a mark on social media, sometimes frustration and sometimes the intoxication of torture, sometimes the desire to be a hero and sometimes the desire of a tired man sitting after losing everything. Loneliness is killing everyone slowly and escapism can never be the right way to cure it. It is shown in the series that some young men and women are invited to come to a great party on a very beautiful island. In a very mysterious way, these people are brought to that island with great care. The party starts and some selected people are given a special drink, after drinking which they faint. After this begins the party organizer’s trick to keep these people on this island. Hearing the stories of environmental crisis, the owners of this island, husband and wife and many of their companions, want to include these newly arrived people in their team by trapping them in their love. What is the reason behind this, what is the mystery of these people, why do they want to do this… to see all this one will have to watch the web series. The speed is a little below average but it is compensated by good acting and beautiful locations.

In the lead roles are Amala Aberisteri who plays Zoya and Amaya Salamanca who plays Astrid. Apart from this, there are some Spanish actors and actresses who have done well in both small and big roles but Amala and Amaya have carried the entire series on their shoulders. Guillermo López Sánchez wrote the screenplay and dialogue with Joaquín Goriz, the lead writer in the Writers’ Circle. The idea for the original story was given by Ramon Masilorens. Apart from the story, there are many such things in this web series which are worthy of praise, such as the background score composed by composer Lucas Vidal. Be it party music or romantic music, fear music or suspenseful scenes, Vidal’s comprehension of music doubles the impact of every scene. The cinematography of Diego Dusuil, Pablo Diaz, and Joseph Civitt, who captured the captivating beauty of islands like Lanzarote and San Sebastian, is the best of the series. The visuals of the pairing of waves rising within the mind from the waves of the ocean are wonderful. Daniel Benmayer, director of the most violent Spanish film Extremo of the year 2021, and Manna Fete, the famous director of Spanish television, have directed this series. There is a strange tension throughout the series, due to which almost every person’s character looks mysterious and this amazing is only because of good direction.

Web series is slow. Each episode is quite long. It takes some time to understand the characters, but all the characters that survive, each one of them has such a quality that makes the audience like them. Welcome to Eden is a keen eye on this new type of business of selling happiness in a lonely world. The preparations for making its second season have started. Watch the first season for the time being, and watch this web series by being immersed in it, staying away from any prejudice. How lonely we are as a society, it will be understood.

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