What are the problems after donating kidney? Lalu Yadav’s daughter Rohini will have to be careful

New Delhi. Former Bihar Chief Minister and RJD President Lalu Prasad Yadav has been successfully transplanted on Monday. Lalu Yadav has been donated a kidney by his daughter Rohini Acharya. Rohini will now live her future life with the help of one kidney. Being an important part of the body, after donating one kidney out of two, people have many doubts regarding their future life. Usually many such questions arise that how many days a person will be able to live with the help of one kidney?

Can having one kidney lead to serious health problems? Does the body become weak after the kidney is removed from the body? After how many years of kidney donation do people start having physical problems? Due to these fears and doubts not everyone is ready to donate kidney. However, according to the opinion of health experts, these doubts are baseless. of Delhi Indraprastha Apollo Hospital In department of HOD of Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Surgeon Professor Amit Gupta News 18 Hindi Many questions have been answered in conversation with. He says that donating kidney is not harmful for the donor in any way. However, some precautions have to be taken.

  • Can the donor have any health problems due to kidney donation?

    A person has two kidneys which work as an important part of the body. If these get spoiled then it is difficult for the person to survive. However, a better thing is that if someone’s kidney gets damaged, then one kidney of another person can be removed and transplanted inside another person. Due to which that person gets life. As far as kidney donation is concerned, donating the kidney to the donor does not cause any special problem. Many such people are also born in the world who have only one kidney from birth and they spend their whole life in a good way.

  • Does the body become weak after a kidney is removed from the donor’s body?

    If an organ comes out of the body, then it is obvious that some changes take place. But it does not happen that complex health problems arise from it. In many researches and in all the cases that have come to the fore, it has been seen that after the removal of one kidney, health problems arise in the donor’s body after 30-40 years. Till then he lives life easily. There is no such thing as weakening of the body due to this. One can lead a better life as before. It just happens that the load which was earlier on both the kidneys, now comes on one. However, even a kidney can handle that situation completely.

  • What precautions are advised to the donor?

    The person who donates the kidney is asked by Dr. to get all the body checkups done every year. Also advise to control blood pressure. After donating kidney, it is necessary that the donor should keep his BP correct. Drink more water Take care that there is no problem related to urine. If BP starts increasing, contact the doctor immediately. Apart from this, even if there is burning sensation in urine, seek medical advice.

  • Can anyone donate a kidney?

    Only a completely healthy person can donate a kidney. Kidney is not taken from a person who is unwell in any way or who already has a kidney problem. Before kidney transplant, health experts do a complete examination of the person who donates the kidney. Apart from having normal BP, it is decided to remove the kidney only after it is found healthy in every way. It is also seen that if that person lives on one kidney then he should not face any further problems. In such a situation, the possibility of trouble to the donor is less.

  • There is a special difference in the lives of those who are born with one kidney or those who donate one.

    Some people have only one kidney from birth. Many times people have to live on one kidney after infection, cancer and donation. Or some people donate one of their kidneys. Although such people can also lead a normal life. Many times, after passing a long life, people come to know in the investigation that they have only one kidney. It doesn’t make any difference in their life.

  • What precautions should be taken by a kidney patient while eating?

    A person living life on one kidney should eat minimum amount of salt. BP and sugar should be kept under control. Keep checking BP. Instead of fried, roasted, junk food etc., eat digestible and nutritious food. Drink plenty of water. Do yoga and exercise.

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    FIRST PUBLISHED : December 06, 2022, 13:53 IST

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