‘What will I do if someone asks me to do dirty work…’ Bhojpuri actress said on not working with Pawan Singh, know

An interview of Bhojpuri actress Yamini Singh was going viral in the past, in which she said that she does not want to work with Pawan Singh. During this it was said that heroines do not get space in his films. But let us tell you that the reason for not working with Powerstar is something else, which is quite big. He himself has now disclosed this with News18 Hindi. He said in an exclusive conversation that Pawan had asked him to do dirty work.

Disclosing about that story related to Pawan Singh, Yamini Singh said, ‘I want to clear one thing through your channel that he often says that he gave me work for the first time in the industry. Let me tell you that he did not give me the first film. I was offered the film by director Arvind Choubey. His name was ‘Boss’. Let me clear one more misconception of the people regarding this film that neither Pawan Singh nor any director was the one to get me out of it. In fact, I myself left this film. I knew earlier that he is very good and does good work. I liked his singing. When we met for the first time on the set, I praised him. Didn’t know till then. Now I would like to ask his fans that if someone asks his mother, sister, daughter-in-law and daughter to do wrong, will you still sit as a devotee of that person? That day I had taken a vow that I will stay in this industry and will work with everyone but will not work with them. If I have to do wrong, then I should not go to Hollywood and go ahead by doing wrong.

When Yamini Singh was asked about dirty work, what was it? So on this she further says, ‘Neither was it a scene of the film nor was it just a matter of a different level. I will not say much. I will just say that I do not want any kind of dispute with anyone. Because it affects our life somewhere. I have cried on many things. What to say, if I say, there will be a lot of ruckus, which I do not want at all. I don’t do much, just want to tell his devotees that don’t do blind devotion. Call the wrong wrong. Bhojpuri actress says, ‘He is my favorite singer in the industry and will remain so. But if you ask me to do dirty work then she will not do it. In the end she says, ‘If I will be asked to compromise in Bhojpuri, what will I do? What is lacking in me that I should compromise. This is the biggest reason for the actress that she never wants to work with him.

When the call of the makers came at night…
On the other hand, Yamini Singh says about the bad attitude of the film ‘Boss’, ‘I get a call at around 9 o’clock in the night, take the auto and come to the studio… I said, this time the answer comes from there, don’t you want to do the film?’ On this Yamini asks, ‘Does he talk to Pawan Singh in this way as well? So from there the answer comes that he is a superstar. So I also disconnected the phone calling myself a superstar and refused to work in the film.

Do not respect women – Yamini Singh
Along with this, Yamini Singh said about Pawan Singh, ‘I will ask all the actresses in the industry to put their hands on Geeta and swear that how many women have they given respect to?’.

Yamini spoke about working with Khesari
Yamini Singh is doing a lot of work with Khesari Lal Yadav these days. She is continuously shooting for films and music videos. Meanwhile, a lot of question marks have also been raised on the relationship between the two. On this Yamini Singh now said, ‘Look… It is a very small matter that people told Salman Khan that he was giving work to Katrina Kaif and made her a superstar. On this, Salman said that if I was the type of superstar maker, I would have made my two brothers superstars first. No one makes anyone a superstar. This is the hard work of Katrina. He has talent, which is the superstar he is today. I have supported Same. Same thing says Khesari. Many people call me Khesari’s chamchi, but I want to tell those opponents that I am not a chamchi because I can tell the truth.’

Praising Khesari for his work, Yamini says, ‘Khesari Lal Yadav has a very good understanding of cinema. He knows very well what his audience likes and what not. On whom will you work, then the audience will dance. He discusses the film or music video with the team before doing anything. Even they see who should be in it.

However, if we talk about Yamini Singh’s work front, she will soon start shooting for the film ‘Godfather’ with Khesari. Apart from this, both are working in many films.

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