When should you take the medicine to improve performance in the bedroom? Learn the advice of Dr. Pahwa, Urologist, Gangaram

Can married life be imagined without physical relation? Many arguments can be given about this, but according to science, the answer is no, it means that marriage is the foundation of life. physical relationship, Then why doesn’t the society talk about this important issue. Why does the younger generation feel hesitant about this? In order to break such inhibitions, today we are talking about the use of medicines that increase testosterone. Testosterone is the masculine hormone found in men. Due to this hormone, there are things like beard and mustache in men which separate them from women. This hormones Because of this, men are attracted towards women and masculine power arises in them. These hormones are produced in our testicles. To increase this strength in the market, all Medicines and Supplements are present. The younger generation consumes these medicines and supplements on a large scale. But, they do not take doctor’s advice for this. Its consumption may be necessary for many youths, but its use is unnecessary for many people. For this reason, its use without the advice of a doctor sometimes proves fatal.

To understand this issue, we spoke in detail to Mrinal Pahwa, Urologist-Medicine, Sir Gangaram Hospital. Let’s understand from the doctor’s side that how correct and how dangerous is the use of testosterone. Testosterone is available in the market in two forms. One medicine and the other supplement. Testosterone is added to many types of protein supplements. It is consumed more by the youth who go to the gym. It is a type of anabolic steroid. It works as a performance enhancer. Performance enhancement sports, games or gym… better in every field. Because it increases the strength of our muscles. In such a situation, those who want to build muscles, those who want to do gymming or those who are into sports performance To increase, they use this supplement. The problem is that everything has its pros and cons. This is a double edged sword. If taken in the right condition then it is fine, but if there is no such indication and it is being taken by a young person then its side effects are very serious. Many problems may arise in the future. Its most dangerous side effect is an increased risk of developing prostate and male breast cancer. This increases the thickness of the blood. Because of this, there is a possibility of clot formation in the blood. As far as the risk of heart attack is concerned, nothing can be said directly about it, but it is true that indirectly it increases the risk of heart attack.

physical relationship and testosterone
as far as physical relationship In relation to ‘Male Power’ It totally depends on the doctor. There is a deficiency of testosterone in men of some age groups. It is a disease. This is called hypogonadism. In this situation, our sex glands produce very little or no hormones at all. In males, these sex organs are testes and in females, these organs are ovaries. If hypogonadism is less in a male. Means it has been confirmed in the test report, your body is not producing enough testosterone and with this you have the problem of erectile dysfunction, then in this case testosterone can be given, because testosterone improves erection. . Here we are talking about medicine and not testosterone supplement.

There is no testosterone deficiency in a healthy person.
Dr. Pahwa further explains that there is no deficiency of testosterone in a normal healthy person. In some cases it is needed. Like- old age or after 50 years of age. At this time its deficiency starts in the body. Or, a person may have had an injury, a disease, related to the gonad, surgery, infection, radiation, or any number of other factors that affect the testis. In those cases too, the amount of testosterone decreases. In such a case, if the symptoms of testosterone deficiency are seen in the patient and their test (testosterone-free and total) is done and it is seen that the testosterone level is low and the symptoms are also present, then only in these few cases testosterone can be given.

Male Fertility and Testosterone
There is definitely a strong relationship between male fertility and testosterone. See, our testosterone hormone is a sex hormone. Testosterone plays a role in every step of our reproductive health. Testosterone also has an indirect role in sperm production and sperm health. Testosterone is necessary for this thing. The problem is that sometimes it is misused. Actually, there are two types of hypogonadism. One primary and the other secondary. If we are in secondary hypogonadism i.e. in which our testis is fine, but the signals i.e. hormones released from the brain are not there. Testosterone is released only by the signals received from the brain. In such a situation, if we give only testosterone to the patient, then the signals emanating from the brain become weak and this further weakens the fertility. On the other hand, if you have taken testosterone in primary hypogonadism, then there is no problem. Sperm production is already low inside it while the rest of the hormones are coming.

brain-derived hormones and testosterone
But, in secondary hypogonadism, testosterone alone will not work. There is a lack of both brain hormones and testosterone. It is very important to give brain hormones in this. These hormones released from the brain are called FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) or LH (Luteinizing Hormone). Giving testosterone alone in this reduces your fertility further.

what is the right treatment
As far as the cost of treatment of this whole disease is concerned, it is very simple. Its treatment is not expensive. The important thing is that it is not necessary to give it in every case. There are many factors behind the problem of erection in healthy people of young age. Testosterone is a very small factor in them. The problem is that when the erection is less then people take testosterone injection directly, but they do not know that testosterone injection can do less benefit and more harm. It has to be seen here that the amount of testosterone in your body is fine and still there is a problem of erection, then it does not mean that we should take testosterone injection. This will further harm our body.

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