Which yogasanas and pranayama are done on International Yoga Day, know the protocol

New Delhi. This time 8th International Yoga Day is being celebrated on 21st June. Preparations are going on for this yoga festival not only in India but all over the world. There are 25 days left for the yoga festival from today, so the countdown of Yoga day has also been started. The special thing is that the yoga practice program to be held collectively every year will not be held in Delhi but this time in Mysore and the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi will join it and practice yoga collectively, but do you know that every year Some yogasanas are specially done in the mass yoga program held on the day of Yoga Day. For this a complete protocol is prepared. According to this protocol, yoga, asana, pranayama, prayer and yoga day are concluded. Let us tell you about this common protocol of Yoga Day today.

If you also want to do yoga with the whole country on the day of International Yoga Day, then you can prepare it according to the protocol in advance. The protocol information for this is being given below. In which information is included from the start of the Yoga Day program to the end. Yoga guru Dr. Balmukund Shastri, Secretary, SM Yoga Research Institute and Naturopathy Hospital India, who participates in yoga programs organized by the Ministry of AYUSH, and founder and CEO of Shanti Marg The Yogashram America, says that there is a desire to join group yoga on Yoga Day. If people who keep practicing yogasanas according to this protocol from now onwards, then they will be able to easily participate in this festival on that day.

This is the common protocol of Yoga Day

1- Prayer
Shastri explains that the first prayer is done on International Yoga Day on 21st June.

2- Sadalj or driving action, relaxation exercise
After this, the driving exercise or relaxation exercise is done. This is done especially to make the body parts a little looser or flexible so that while doing any yoga asana, the body remains friendly and it is easy to do yoga. In this process, cervical movement, shoulder operation, kati ie waist operation and knee operation are done. These are the joints or twists, which are twisted during yogasanas.

3- Yogasana
According to the common protocol, yogasanas are done after making the body flexible. In which four types of asanas are done.

standing postures
Ardha Chakrasana

seated postures
Vajrasana or Virasana
Ardha Utrasana
marichyasana or vakrasana

abdominal asanas

lying back posture

4- Kapalbhati

After this, three major pranayamas for breathing are also done on Yoga Day.
Nadishodhana or Anulom Vilom Pranayama
Sheetali Pranayama
Bhramari Pranayama

6- Meditation
Meditation is also done for some time on Yoga Day.

7- resolution
Then all the people who do yoga are resolved to include yoga in their lives every day.

8- Shantipath
Lastly, for the peace of the world, country, state and society, Shanti Path is done.

Ayush Ministry is making grand preparations
The Ministry of AYUSH of the Central Government is vigorously engaged in celebrating International Yoga Day in a grand manner. This is the reason why a plan has been made to organize yoga practice at 75 heritage sites with India branding on this day. Along with the motion of the Sun, starting from Japan, the programs of Yoga Day happening in other countries of the world will also be broadcast.

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