Women must take these 6 vitamins to stay healthy for a long life

Important Vitamins for Women: Women forget to pay attention to themselves while handling the responsibilities of home and office. The more they worry about the health of their family, they become careless about their own health. If you handle the responsibilities of your household alone, then it is important to be equally serious about your health, because you will be unwell, then how will you be able to handle household, office work. In growing age, it is very important that you include all those nutritious things in the diet, so that you remain fit and healthy, not only physically, but also mentally. Along with taking a healthy diet, you must also take a daily dose of some vitamins according to age, so that from bones to skin, hair, eyes all remain healthy and fit. Know here, which vitamins women must include in their diet.

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Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D

medicalnewstoday According to a news published in, women between the ages of 19 to 50, lactating a baby or pregnant women often have nutritional deficiency. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D deficiency are the most in this. In such a situation, women of this age must consume 15 mg of vitamin D daily. At the same time, vitamin B6 is about 1.3 mg, during pregnancy about 1.9 mg and breastfeeding women need about 2 mg of vitamin B6 per day.

Iodine is also needed
Iodine is essential for the development of the brain of the unborn baby during pregnancy. According to a national survey conducted in 2012 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, women aged 20-39 had lower iodine levels than any other age group included in the study. Most of these women were pregnant. An intake of 150 mg iodine per day for women of this age, 220 mg for pregnant women and 290 mg iodine for lactating women is essential. However, one should avoid taking iodine supplements without a doctor’s advice or else it can have a negative effect on thyroid health.

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Women must take folate or vitamin B9
Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is vital during the reproductive years. It reduces the risk of brain and spine related complications in the foetus. Helps make red blood cells and aids in protein digestion. If you are pregnant, then do not let the lack of vitamin B9 in the body.

Iron is very important
Most women are also deficient in iron. Iron is a type of mineral, which is necessary for the reproductive organs and their proper functioning. Along with this, iron is also needed for the formation of energy in the body, healing of wounds, immune function, formation of red blood cells, development etc. Women between the ages of 19 and 50 require 18 mg of iron per day.

Vitamin C Boost Immunity
Vitamin C is effective in protecting you from many types of infections and diseases by strengthening the body’s immunity. If you want your skin, hair to be young, wrinkle free and healthy till long life, then include things containing vitamin C in the diet daily. It also maintains good eye health.

Foods to overcome vitamin deficiency
folate- To prevent its deficiency in the body, include rice, avocado, broccoli, orange, fortified breakfast cereals, greens etc. in the diet.

vitamin D- Vitamin D is very important to keep bones strong. For this you eat fatty fish, egg yolk, liver, mushrooms etc.

Iodine- To supply iodine, women should consume eggs, cereal products, iodized salt, seafood, dairy products without sugar, etc.

Iron- Often women are deficient in iron. To overcome iron deficiency, eat red meat, seafood, pulses, soybeans, greens, eggs etc.

calcium- Calcium deficiency can be overcome by eating dairy products, fortified milk, juice, salmon fish, tofu, kale etc.

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