World brain day: Yoga is effective in preventing these dangerous diseases of the brain, claims experts including research

New Delhi. The brain or mind is the most important part of our body or say that it is the control room of the whole body. Our body works according to the signals received from here. However, sometimes there may be deficiencies or diseases in the brain which are called brain disorders. These disorders are sometimes very fatal and they are difficult to treat, but in India, the ancient system of medicine, yoga is most effective in brain related problems. Not only yoga experts but many experts related to research, scientific analysis and medical science are also saying this.

In a scientific analysis published a few days ago in Brain Plasticity, Yoga Effects on Brain Health: A Systematic Review of the Current Literature, researchers covered 11 major separate studies. In which it was found that in people doing yoga for only 10 to 24 weeks, yoga not only accelerated the function of the brain but was also successful in changing the structure of the brain. Not only this, a very positive effect of yoga has been seen on the hippocampus, cortex, prefrontal cortex found in the human brain.

SM Yoga Research Institute and Naturopathy Hospital India Secretary of and Founder and CEO of Shanti Marg The Yogashram America Yoga Guru Dr. Balmukund Shastri It is said that yoga is a method of medicine which not only prevents diseases from coming, but also cuts out the biggest diseases. In India, since ancient times, but still in many scientific studies and research, it has been confirmed that yoga therapy is very effective in keeping the brain healthy. Along with this, a very positive effect of yoga has also been seen on the body and soul.

Delhi AIIMS has also admitted that yoga is effective in these diseases of the brain.
At the same time, Professor Dr. Manjari Tripathi of Delhi-based All India Institute of Medical Sciences says that prevention has a great contribution in avoiding neurological or brain disorders. Yoga is quite effective along with lifestyle modification in a preventive way. Yoga is associated with Indian culture but unfortunately we do not understand the importance of yoga for prevention of diseases. Whereas many scientific studies done in medical science and western countries are also accepting that it gives relief in multiple sclerosis disease of the brain. Whereas in the study of Delhi AIIMS itself, it has been found that yoga reduces migraine attacks. At the same time, a recent study suggests that yoga nidra is very effective in the disease of insomnia. Relief from doing yoga has also been seen in patients of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Along with this, it is effective in Parkinson’s, schizophrenia or other neurological disorders.

This is how yoga works on the brain
Dr. Shastri says that the brain is connected to the whole body through the nervous system. Nerves means that the nerves are spread throughout the body through the spine. They carry signals to the brain and from the brain to the organs. In such a situation, whenever a person does yoga, meditation, pranayama or yoga, it affects the spine. Many times the nerves start pressing in the spine and this affects the process of sending signals, but through breathing exercises, yoga asanas and meditation, the nerves get enough space between the spine, energy is transmitted in the weakening cells, new cells and the relationship of the brain with the body gets better.

These two pranayama are very effective for the brain
Dr. Balmukund Shastri explains that the main two pranayama of yoga have the most positive effect on the brain. One of them is Bhramari Pranayama and the other is Anulom Vilom. Bhramari is so effective that it also works to gradually eliminate the clots in the brain. During Bhramari Pranayama, there is vibration in the brain. It is effective in diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s. Bhramari Pranayama fully develops the brain and works to eliminate diseases like epilepsy.

The other is Anulom Vilom Pranayama. This pranayama affects the function of the brain. The cells that are getting destroyed in the brain, after doing this, they start regenerating. It affects our glands. It maintains the balance of hormones and provides strength to the brain. 8 Yogasanas also have a better effect on the brain.

These 8 yogasanas are very beneficial on the brain

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