World Brain Tumor Day 2022: How deadly are brain tumors in children? Know its symptoms, causes, risks from experts

Brain Tumor in Kids: Today (June 8) is celebrated as ‘World Brain Tumor Day’ all over the world. The main objective of this day is to make people aware about brain tumor. On this day, through many campaigns, programs, rallies, people are informed about the risk of brain tumor, its symptoms. People are encouraged to help those who have this disease and who cannot get themselves treated. ‘World Brain Tumor Day’ was started on this day by the German Brain Tumor Association (a non-profit organization) for the first time in the year 2000 to spread awareness about brain tumors among the general public. Apart from scientists and health professionals, this organization also provides support to brain tumor patients and their family members. Brain tumor can be fatal if its symptoms are not recognized and treated immediately. This tumor of the brain occurs not only in adults, but also in children. we go, Stroke and Neurology, Senior Consultant Neurologist, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital (Delhi) Dr. P.N. Ranjan In detail about the causes, symptoms and treatment of brain tumor in children.

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what is brain tumor

A tumor is a lump or abnormal growth of cells. There are mainly two types of tumors in the body, benign and malignant. If the cells in the tumor are normal, then it is a benign tumor. A benign tumor probably occurs when something goes wrong inside, causing the cells to grow and form a lump. If the cells start growing abnormally and uncontrollably, they are cancer cells, which can be extremely fatal. These tumors are malignant. Brain tumor begins when abnormal cells start to grow in any part of the brain. These tumors can be non-cancerous or cancerous.

Brain tumor in children.

children also have brain tumor

A brain tumor in children is a growth of abnormal cells in the brain or tissues of children. There are many different types of brain tumors in children, some of which are non-cancerous (benign) and some are cancerous (malignant).

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Symptoms of brain tumor in children

Its symptoms in children depend on the size of the tumor. Symptoms also appear on the same basis in which part of the tumor is and how and to what extent it can affect that part of the brain. Symptoms appear due to the pressure inside the head being higher than it should be. As the tumor grows, it damages the normal brain and can obstruct the flow of fluid to the brain. This is called increased intracranial pressure. Because of this, the following symptoms of brain tumor can be seen in children-

– Frequent headache in the morning
Vomiting or feeling sick in the morning
-Seizure outbreak
– feeling irritable
Loss of interest in everyday things
– having problems with the eyes
– abnormal eye movement
-Blurred or double vision
-feeling tired early
– excessive sleepiness for no reason
-confusion, memory problems
– hearing problems
– trouble walking, balancing
Weakness on one side of the body
-behavior modification

symptoms of brain tumor

Recognize the symptoms of brain tumor in children.

brain tumor risk factors

In most children with primary brain tumours, the cause of the tumor is not known, but certain types of brain tumors such as medulloblastoma are very common in children. Family history of brain tumor or family history of genetic syndrome may increase the risk of brain tumor in some children.

brain tumor treatment in children

The chances of treatment and early recovery depend on the size of the tumor, its type, its position in the brain, age of the child, general health of the child, how far the tumor has spread in the brain, etc. However, today with the advent of new advanced technology, the facility of treatment has become better than ever before. Treatment of brain tumors in adults is completely different from the treatment of brain tumors in children.

Make life easier if a child has a brain tumor

Children who have the problem of brain tumor, they need special care even during treatment. Along with oncologists, other healthcare practitioners also treat after the treatment if any kind of effects are seen. They see if the tumor is not coming back again. For this, they keep an eye on the symptoms of brain tumor. Imaging tests and other tests are done. Along with this, other doctors also see the problems caused by the tumor or treatment. If the child has any eye related problem due to brain tumor, then he has to be seen by the eye doctor. Along with this, the child may also need therapy, so that his movements, muscles are strong. This may require a physical and occupational therapist. If the child’s speech is affected, then he is seen by a speech therapist.

How to take care of a child suffering from brain tumor

If the child has trouble eating food, consult a dietician.
If the child feels very tired, lethargic, then help him to establish a balance between activity and rest.
Encourage the child to exercise. This will keep his overall health good.
Whenever it is time to visit the doctor, definitely take it.

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