World Environment Day 2020: Damage to health caused by bad environment, keep the environment clean like this

World Environment Day 2020: Every year on this day (5 June) ‘World Environment Day’ is celebrated all over the world. To save the environment which is getting worse day by day, on this day many types of campaigns, programs, seminars are organized to make people aware and important information is given about the importance of environment. Suggestions, measures are also discussed about how the environment can be protected. The environment is badly affected due to the ever increasing air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, land pollution etc. Not only this, it also has serious damages on the health of the person.

Healthy environment can reduce the burden of diseases

WHO.INT According to a report published in the United States, a healthy environment can prevent about a quarter of the global burden of disease. Clean air, stable climate, adequate water, sanitation, hygiene, safe use of chemicals, protection from radiation, healthy and safe workplaces, health-supporting cities, better environment and a protected nature are vital to maintaining good health. are important. 24 percent of all global deaths are related to the environment, which is about 13.7 million deaths annually.

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Harm of environment bad on health

Environmental pollutants can increase the risk of many diseases. These include respiratory diseases, heart diseases, some types of cancer, etc. People who have low income are more likely to live in polluted areas. They neither have a clean place to live, nor do they have clean water to drink. In such a situation, young children and pregnant women are more at risk of health problems related to pollution.

A clean environment is extremely essential for human health. Sometimes the local environment also gives rise to many health related problems. For example, air pollution, noise, hazardous chemicals etc. negatively affect health. Not only this, on a large scale, climate change, loss of biodiversity and land degradation can also have an impact on human well-being.

Environmental factors that harm health

-Chemical pollution
-air pollution
-climate change
– diseases caused by microbes
– poor infrastructure
– poor water quality

Benefits of improving environmental health

If the environment remains healthy and clean, then the life of people can increase. People can live a long life. Maintaining a healthy environment is extremely necessary to raise the standard of living of the people. By improving the health of the environment, the risk of many diseases can be reduced. Also, exposure to pollutants that have a toxic effect on the body can also be reduced. Heart, lung, respiratory related problems can be reduced by controlling the increasing pollution. Keeping the air and environment clean, safe can prevent many serious diseases. Many diseases can be prevented from occurring by reducing air, water, soil, noise pollution etc. and improving the quality of environment, which can improve human health. Air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk in many countries, linked to heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and lung cancer.

ways to keep the environment clean

Use a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle.
Do not use plastic bags. Use cloth bag or paper packet.
Do not throw household garbage outside in the open.
Instead of cutting trees, plant more and more trees.
Recycle things like plastic, glass, iron etc.

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