World Lung Day 2022: What are the symptoms of lung problems in corona patients? Know what experts say


According to experts, the cases of cough and cold have increased since Corona.
Problems like post covid bronchitis i.e. coughing, breathlessness also came to the fore in people.

World Lung Day 2022: Today the whole world is celebrating ‘World Lung Day’. In the last two years, the corona epidemic has damaged our lungs in many ways. The theme of this time on this day is ‘Lung Health for All’. The purpose of celebrating this is to take proper care of the lungs, to diagnose lung diseases and to give treatment to all equally. Along with this, there is another purpose of this day – to make people aware about lung related diseases.

Keeping the lungs healthy and functioning properly is essential for the health of our entire body. If the lungs are weak, then many other diseases can also grip us. On the occasion of ‘World Lung Day’ we Dr. Prashant Chhajed, Director- Pulmonology and Sleep Center, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital (Vashi, Mumbai) talked to. Dr. Chhajed shared many important things related to lungs with us.

How to recognize lung problems
For the treatment of any lung related disease, it is necessary to know the disease. Dr. Chhajed told us that if there is any kind of problem in our lungs or any lung related disease, then many symptoms start appearing which we should not ignore.

According to Dr. Chhajed, the symptoms of lung disease are already visible to us but many times people ignore them. He said that whenever there is any lung problem, we start seeing some common symptoms. Such as fever, cough, chest pain and shortness of breath. If anyone has such problems together, then the expert should be consulted immediately.

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effect of corona on lungs
The corona epidemic has also damaged the lungs. Due to Kovid, there were problems of pneumonia in the lung, the problems of inflammation also increased. People who were in hospital or ICU and recovered from Kovid, then problems of lung fibrosis came to the fore. Due to Kovid, there are many people who have problems of lung fibrosis even after a year. In many people, problems like post-covid bronchitis i.e. cough, shortness of breath also came to the fore.

Did Kovid cause an increase in lung patients?
When we asked Dr. Chhajed whether there has been an increase in lung diseases and patients due to corona epidemic, he said that it is not so at all, but due to Kovid, people have now become aware of diseases. Where earlier people used to ignore having cough and chest pain, now people immediately consult a doctor in these problems. Dr. Chhajed said that the patients of Lungs were always there due to corona, the cases have not increased.

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Effect of corona on the lungs of patients with long covid
Dr. Chhajed told that sometimes it takes six months to a year to recover from corona. In such a situation, problems due to breathlessness, coughing and getting tired quickly came to the fore in long Kovid patients. Along with this, some neurological effects in long covid patients like not remembering things or having phobias.

There has been an increase in some diseases due to Kovid
On how the corona affected the lungs and other diseases, the health expert said that people who used to have less cough and cold problems earlier are now facing such problems soon. According to Dr. Chhajed, the percentage of bronchitis and rhinitis has increased since Kovid. Apart from this, problems of blood clot were also seen in other organs.

impact of covid on diabetes
Dr. Prashant Chhajed said that the effect of Kovid is also from diabetes. New diabetes cases have also come to the fore due to Kovid. Due to Kovid, there were many problems in controlling diabetes. There was also a lot of fluctuation in blood sugar during this period.

Can lung problems be reduced through home exercise and other methods?
Often people insist that we should exercise on the problem or disease of the lungs, if Dr. Chhajed said that if anyone sees the symptoms of lung disease, then they should first meet their health expert. . Many times it happens that it is not necessary that there is any lung related disease if there is a cough or cold. Sometimes exercise also provides relief in recovery. There have been many such people who do regular exercise and yoga, in spite of reducing the symptoms of lung disease, they have been seen.

There is no way to detox the lungs
When we asked Dr. Prashant if there is any way to clean or detox the lungs in case of infection, he categorically denied it and said that there is no such way. He emphasized that if anyone has any problem related to lungs then he should directly consult the expert and know the disease instead of wasting time and money.

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