World Poha Day: The taste of Indore’s Poha climbed on everyone’s lips and said, 80 tons consumed daily

Indore, world today Poha is day. There should be talk of Poha and there should be no mention of Indore. And when it comes to Indore and no one remembers Poha, how can this happen. Indore And Poha They have become synonyms and identities of each other. This is a cheap, tasty, accessible and calorie-rich breakfast. About 80 tonnes of poha is consumed daily in the whole of Indore. Mango Indore still likes to eat Poha in the morning breakfast.

Today is World Poha Day and it is a coincidence that Indore has received the Eat Right Challenge Award for clean and quality food items in Delhi. It is a matter of pride for Indore that the poha here has also made a different identity in the country and abroad. Indori starts the morning with the breakfast of Pohe Jalebi. This is the reason that about 80 tonnes of Poha is consumed daily in the city, which is a record in itself. Poha is becoming famous all over the world due to being a super healthy food.

Indore Superfood Poha
Bada Pav of Maharashtra, Dabeli of Gujarat, Mirchi Bada of Rajasthan, Idli-Dosa of Hyderabad did not become famous as breakfast all over the world as fast as Indori Poha made its mark. Today is World Poha Day. Poha is becoming recognized as a superfood, because it is light. The stomach is full and does not gain weight. This is also the best Indian breakfast. Easy to make – Delicious, cheap and accessible. Neither too much oil nor chilli masala. Eating a bowl of poha in the morning gives about 250 calories. Squeezing vegetables, peanuts, coconut and lemon gives it a lot of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It provides iron and vitamins, especially vitamin B1, which helps in controlling sugar.

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seven types of poha
Poha is prepared in seven ways in Indore. From the famous 56 shops of the city to bullion and you will find Poha shops in all the major places. But the specialty is that each one will get its own different taste. This is the reason why people coming from abroad do not forget to enjoy Poha and return to appreciate the taste of Indori Poha.

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Poha lovers
Morning starts with Poha in Indore. The smell of Poha rising from the big pans at all the major markets and squares draws you towards it. About 90 percent of the people in Indore start the day with breakfast of Poha. Shyam Sharma of 56 shop says that 70-80 tonnes of poha are sold daily in Indore. Poha starts selling from 4 in the morning. You will get Poha 24 hours in the city. Pohe’s craze is such that if any big personality comes to Indore, then she does not go here without having taste of Pohe Jalebi. From the country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Amitabh Bachchan, the megastar of the century, Indori has praised Pohe. When Nehru came to Indore in the Congress session in 1950, he was served Poha. In KBC i.e. Kaun Banega Crorepati, the question on Indori Pohe has come up. From former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Rahul Gandhi, everyone has tasted Indori Poha. From cricketer Sunil Gavaskar to Virat Kohli, everyone has tasted Pohe Jalebi by reaching 56 shops.

Try the poha hereā€¦
By the way, you will find Poha at every major intersection in Indore. But there are some special shops where you will get a different taste of Poha. Among these, 56 shop pohe, Ravi Alphar’s poha, Rajwada’s poha, night time pohe of bullion market, Sarwate bus stand’s poha and JMB shop poha have a lot of craze among Indoris. Wherever they live, whenever they come to their city, they will start the day with the breakfast of Pohe Jalebi.

History of Poha
We also tell you the history of Poha in Indore. Poha was earlier confined to the kitchens of Marathi and Marwari families. This was considered their traditional dish. Purushottam Joshi came to Indore from Nizampur in Raigad district of Maharashtra in search of employment. His aunt used to live here. He liked Indore so much that he stayed here. It was he who first tasted the taste of poha to the Indoris. Opened a shop named Uphaar Griha on Tilakpath. Before that there was no shop selling poha in Indore.

variety of poha
Then the poha, which is available at the rate of 10 to 12 paise plate, has reached 15 to 25 rupees plate today. The number of shops which started from one has now crossed three thousand. These are the shops where poha is sold throughout the day. Variety is craze in Poha. Usal Poha, Poha with Paneer is the most liked. So the shopkeepers also have their own style of mixing special spices in the poha. For this, spices are imported from UP, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Taste of Poha said on the head
It would not be wrong to say that today Poha has become the first choice of people of every class, it cannot happen that once who eats Poha of Indore, they do not appreciate it, when people go on foreign tours, then Poha of Indore Packed and taken away, because they do not get such taste anywhere. The maximum production of Poha is in Chhattisgarh, but its maximum consumption is done in Indore and then in the entire Malwa region.

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