Worried about gaining weight? Practice these 6 yogasanas regularly for 1 month, belly fat will also be reduced

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss: Nowadays the problem of weight gain is being seen rapidly in people. The reason is bad eating habits, exercise in lifestyle, not including yoga, working in one place for hours etc. Due to excessive weight, our body becomes heavy and lethargic. Due to this our activities also slow down. Himalaya Siddha, Akshar, founder of the Akshar Yoga Research and Development Center in Bengaluru It is said that psychologically it is believed that a toned and fit body can boost self-confidence. With the help of yoga, we can easily make ourselves feel fit and light.

When the body gets used to fitness, it remains active and energetic throughout the day. Excess fat makes normal activities difficult. There is also a problem in bending down or sitting down to lift something from the floor. Abdominal obesity is a real health hazard. Especially when the waist size of women is 35 inches or more and 40 inches for men. If you want to lose weight and get fit body, then Himalaya Siddha, Akshar Make sure to practice these 6 yogasanas twice in the morning and evening. Do this continuously for 3-4 weeks to see the results.

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weight loss yoga asanas

• Lie down on your stomach.
• Place the palms under the shoulders and raise the upper body, pelvis and knees.
• Use toes to grip the floor and keep knees straight.
• Make sure that the knees, pelvis and spine are in a straight line.
• Wrists should be kept just below the shoulders and the arms should be kept straight.
• Stay in the last pose for a while.

• Begin with balance pose.
• Keeping the left palm firmly on the ground, remove the right hand from the floor.
• Turn the whole body to the right and lift the right leg off the floor and place it on the left leg.
• Raise the right arm and point the fingers towards the sky.
• Make sure that both the knees, heels and feet are in contact with each other.
• Make sure that both the arms and shoulders are in a straight line.
• Turn your head and look at the right hand.
• Repeat on the left side as well.

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Hasta Uttanasana
• With Pranamasana, raise the palms above the head and spread them upwards.
• Slightly tilt the head, neck and upper back to make a slight arch.
• Make sure the arms are near the ears.
• Turn your gaze towards the sky.

• Exhale from Hasta Uttanasana and slowly lower the upper body from the hips and keep the nose between the knees.
• Place the palms on either side of the foot.
• In the beginning, the knees can be slightly bent to accomplish this.
• With practice, slowly straighten the knees and try to touch the thighs with the chest.
• Let the neck fall with gravity and keep the nose between the knees.
• Try to leave as little space between the upper and lower body as possible.

• Lie down on your back.
• Raise the upper and lower body to create balance.
• The toes should be aligned with the eyes.
• Keep knees and back straight.
• Keep the arms parallel to the ground.
• Tighten the abdominal muscles.
• Straighten the back.
• Inhale and exhale normally.

• Start with homeostasis.
• Keeping the back straight while raising the arms and join the palms in the salutation.
• Exhale and bend the upper body until it is parallel to the floor.
• Keep the arms near the ears.
• Keeping the right leg straight, slowly raise it upwards.
• The right leg, pelvis, upper body and arms should all be in a straight line.
• To maintain balance, focus the eyes on the floor.
Note: Along with these yoga asanas, some changes must be made in your food and drink. Adequate sleep at night aids in weight loss. Relieve stress and adopt a disciplined lifestyle. We can definitely lose weight with holistic practice like yoga. The most important thing is that we can achieve our goal by staying regular and consistent with any fitness routine.

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