Year Ender 2022: In the Tinder survey on dating patterns, this year, ‘situationship’ set the trend


In the year 2022, alcohol free dates were in trend.
Gaslighting emojis also trended on Tinder.

Year Ender 2022 Dating Trend: Online dating apps are in vogue these days. Many people get the perfect life partner through them. Avoiding cybercrime and fraud, many people have found a good life partner through these apps. One such app is Tinder, on which there are many active users in today’s time.

This app conducted a survey showing the dating pattern of app users seen in the year 2022, in which ‘situationship’, alcohol free dates were in special trend. Come, here’s Tinder’s Year in Swipe shared which popular trends of 2022 on Tinder…

Tinder Survey: Dating Pattern of 2022

Prefer ‘situationship’ instead of traditional relationship
In the year 2022, a different pattern of dating was seen among the youth, in which the relationship is more than a hookup but it is not a traditional relationship either. This type of relationship was named ‘Situationship’. In simple language, you can understand it in such a way that it is more than friendship but there is a relationship without any name. In this, the partners fulfill each other’s needs but do not formally accept the relationship. Tinder saw a 49% increase in members adding a new relationship to their profile, and one in 10 young singles surveyed said they preferred low-pressure relationship-like situations.

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Positivity remains a priority
The parking symbol pushin’ p was used heavily on dating apps this year. Let us tell you that it was used so that people who join Tinder and understand the ‘match’ positivity and do not hide it as they want, that is, keep transparency.

Prefer coffee dates over dinner dates
“Picnic” (15%), “Stand Up” (10%) and “Coffee Dates” (26%) were the choices of youth in Tinder India Bios6. Many other activities were also included in this trend, like camping, BBQ, trying new things. That is, now people want to know each other in less traditional, more authentic and sober ways.

Dates made alcohol free
More than 25% of young singles in Tinder’s survey said they drink less alcohol than in the past year, and 72% of members who don’t drink or drink alcohol rarely wrote on their Tinder profile.

Youth is looking for such ‘match’
Most of the dating app users are looking for funny, fresh and forward matches. Also, the survey found that 73% of young singles were looking for partners who are clear about what they want and have hygiene. Young Tinder users prioritized loyalty (79%), respect (78%) and open-mindedness (61%) and looks (56%).

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Liked to give opinion on social issues
According to the survey, three-quarters (75%) of singles were looking for a match who would give their opinion on social issues. In fact, several Indian Tinder members mentioned LGBTQIA+, the environment, mental health, Ukraine and feminism in their bios this year. Also this year saw an increase in both 84% activation and 37% voter turnout in Tinder profiles.

90s trend back
In the year 2022, unmarried youth were influenced by the trend of 90s and naughties dating. Tinder saw a growing interest in things the 90s kids liked, such as anime and sneakers. Even everyone’s favorite oldie, “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush trended and made it into the Top 10 Spotify Anthems. The modern form of traditional blind date was launched on Tinder, in which people showed special interest.

Red flag and gaslighting emojis also trended
Let us tell you that toxic relationships have happened before, but the survey found that almost two-thirds (58%) of single youth were confident that they could identify green and red flags when dating. They claim to be good at spotting red flags and gaslighting in relationships. They no longer turn a blind eye to red flags and increasingly look for green flags, positivity in a match or relationship.

Role of astrology in change in dating pattern
An interesting thing was also found in the survey that in the Tinder Bio, the youth also mentioned their zodiac sign apart from their hobbies of pets and food. Let us tell you that the people of Leo, Scorpio and Cancer have included their zodiac in their bio, on the basis of which there is a possibility of getting a compatible match. That is, Astro also played a special role in the change in the dating pattern.

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