YOGA SESSION: To increase the height of children, make them do Surya Namaskar, know the right way to do it

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav : To keep the body fit, as much as it is important to keep yourself active, it is equally important to give rest to the body. Many people work day and night and do not get enough sleep, due to which all kinds of problems start in the body. In such a situation, if you give rest to the body as per the need and do regular yoga practice, then you can remain healthy for a long life. Today in Facebook Live session of News18 Hindi Yoga Instructor Savita Yadav Giving information about many things related to health, practiced Surya Namaskar.

pray before yoga practice
Before starting yoga, you must pray. This makes the mind concentrated and gives good results of yoga. For this, first of all, sit on your mat in any posture and close your eyes and focus on your breathing. After that utter the word ‘Om’.

practice like this
To warm up the body, you do Tadasana. For this, you stand on the mat and while interlocking the hands, stretch it upwards by placing it near the ear. Count up to 10 in this posture.

Warm up the body
Standing straight on the mat, while breathing, move your neck backwards. Now while exhaling, bring your neck forward. Similarly, while breathing, turn the neck to the right and then to the left. Now do this action clockwise and anti-clockwise. Rotate 10 times. Click on the video link to watch in detail.

Do Surya Namaskar like this
Surya Namaskar is such a yoga, which if children do it, then their height is good. Their growth is fast and it also keeps the health healthy. Surya Namaskar should be done by people of all ages. It keeps you physically and mentally healthy. So let’s know the systematic way of doing Surya Namaskar.

To do this asana, first of all stand on the edge of your posture mat by joining both your paws.
Be gone. Then raise both the hands equal to the shoulder and put the entire weight on both the feet equally. With this, keep both the palms in the salutation posture.

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Hasta Uttanasana
Now take a deep breath and raise both the hands upwards. Now while bending the arms and waist backwards, bend both the arms and the neck backwards.

Now while exhaling outward, slowly bend forward and down. Touch the ground with both your hands near the ears.

horse steering
In this posture, place your palms on the ground, while breathing, take the right leg backwards and keep the left leg forward while bending it from the side of the knee. Raise the neck upwards and stay in this position for some time.

mountain pose
While inhaling, take the left leg back and keep the whole body in a straight line and keep your hands straight on the ground.

Ashtanga Namaskar
Now keep both your knees on the ground and exhale. Lift your hips back upwards and touch your chest and chin to the ground and stay in this position for some time.

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While exhaling slowly, take the chest forward. Keep your hands straight on the ground. Bend the neck backward and keep both the toes straight.

downward burial
The downward facing shavasana while breathing is also called Parvatasana. For this, keep your feet straight on the ground. Now lift the hip upwards. Keep your shoulders straight and face inwards.

horse steering
While exhaling, move your right foot backwards for this. Keep in mind that the knee should meet the ground. Now bend your other leg and touch the ground with your palms. Raise your head towards the sky and look upwards.

While inhaling, bend forward and touch the toes with your hands. During this, you have to join your head with the knees.

Hasta Uttanasana
While exhaling, stand in Pranamasana and raise your hands above the head and keep it straight. Now move the hands backwards in the posture of salutation. Tilt your waist backwards.

Finally, while breathing, come back to the posture of Pranamasana. You should practice this whole process in 5 cycles.

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