You can also watch these best films that won ‘Oscar 2022’ sitting at home, know how?

94th Academy Awards or Oscar Awards 2022 The winners have been announced. Awards have been distributed for the best work in many categories of cinema, from best films and best actress / actor to best costume designer. In this, films like Dune, Koda, King Richard to Cruella, Drive My Car, Encanto won awards in different categories.

But, if you have not been able to watch these movies till now, then there is nothing to worry about. You can watch all these best movies that have won this year’s Oscars online on Apple TV+, HBO Max, Netflix and Disney+ including Amazon, Apple, Google Play, VUDU and YouTube. We tell you on which platforms you can watch these movies-

The film is based on the epic science fiction novel by author Frank Herbert. ‘Dune’ is the story of Paul, the son of a famous family. The film won Best Production Design, Best Sound, Best Original Score, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects and Editing awards.
how to see- Dune can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video, Book My Show Stream and YouTube Movies.

‘CODA’ has won the Oscar Award for Best Film of the Year. The special thing is that the film has got a standing ovation. ‘CODA’ is short form for ‘Child of Deaf Adults’, which means ‘child of deaf adults’. Talking about the story of the film ‘CODA’, according to its title, this film is also the story of the struggles of 17-year-old daughter Ruby (Emilia Jones) of a deaf family.

Ruby’s parents cannot hear or speak. Ruby is the only member of her family who can hear and speak. In such a situation, Ruby plays the role of the interpreter of the family, that is, the only way to communicate with the world. But in such a situation, he has to struggle for his own life.

how to see- The movie ‘CODA’ can be seen on Apple TV+.

King Richard
The story of the film King Richard is based on Richard Williams, who is the father of tennis players Serena and Venus Williams. Richard had decided to get the names of his daughters recorded in history. Actor Will Smith has received the Best Actor Award for his work in this film.
how to see- The film is releasing in cinemas in India on 25 March.

The story of this film by actress Stephanie Beatriz revolves around a girl named ‘Mirbel’, who is part of a magical family. Meerbel has no magic powers, but one day when trouble strikes her home, it is Meerbel who saves her family, as well as brings back their magic. Encanto won the Oscar for Best Animated Film.
how to see- You can watch this film on Disney + Hotstar.

The Eyes Of Tammy Faye
The story of this film is of a woman named Tammy Faye Baker, who promotes spirituality every day on TV. Actress Jessica Chastain has received the Best Actress Award for this film, as well as the film has won the Best Makeup and Hairstyling Award.
how to see- You can watch this film on Disney + Hotstar.

West Side Story
This is the story of 1957, in which teenagers named Tony and Maria fall in love with each other at first sight. Actress Ariana DeBos has received the award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for this film, as well as becoming the first LGBT and Latina actress to win an Oscar Award.
how to see- You can watch this film on Disney + Hotstar.

The power of the dog
The story of this film is based on a man named Phil Burbank, who falls in love with a young boy. The director of this film, Jane Campion, has won the Best Director Award. Benedict Cumberbatch has acted in this film.
how to see- This film can be seen on Netflix.

The Queen of Basketball
The story of this film is of Lucia Harris, who made history in the 1976 Women’s Olympics. She was the first and only woman to join the NBA. Harris died in January 2022. The film won the Best Documentary Short award.
how to see- This film can be seen on YouTube Movies.

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