You Don’t Know Me Review: Viewers Don’t Know If Allegation Was Proved Or Not

Netflix often buys content from other countries’ OTT platforms and makes it available to viewers, due to which the rest of the countries with Netflix availability are also able to watch some of the best content. The 4-episode mini-series ‘You Don’t Know Me’ released on BBC One in December last year is available on Netflix. In 2017, Imran Mahmood, a barrister from England, wrote his first novel based on personal experiences – You Don’t Know Me. This web series, based on this, is the story of a young man to present his case in court and fight a murder case. In the first 3 episodes, this story progresses in such a great way that you are convinced that the accused did not commit murder. In the fourth episode, the story runs so right and left that you can’t even understand till the end whether the accused was convicted or acquitted.

Most of the people in London consider black people to be goons, anti-social elements or working in any gang. One of its disadvantages is also that a black person is doing a good job by reading and writing and if by mistake he gets caught in a court case, then without hearing the cross-examination, most of the jury can decide who is guilty. This prejudice breaks down when Hero (Samuel Adewoonmi) is accused of the blood of his own acquaintance Jameel (Roger Jean), a gangster. In court, Hero is distracted by the many evidences presented by the rival lawyer in the murder charge, but when he is allowed to present his case, he narrates the whole story. His first meeting with Hero’s girlfriend Kyra (Sophire Wilde) and then how their relationship is formed. How Kaira’s brother, who is a petty punk, should not be murdered in jail and to pay off his debt, Kaira starts prostitution. To save him from the clutches of the goons, Hero juggles a gun with the help of his familiar gangster Jameel. Things become such that Hero gets into trouble with Kaira’s brother and then Jameel’s boss to pay off Jameel’s debt. In a jugaad of money, Hero along with his friend Kurt makes a plan to kill Jameel but Jameel survives. Hero’s sister keeps an eye on Jameel in the hospital but Jameel recognizes her and catches her and tells Hero to meet Jameel with money if she wants her sister’s life. What happens after this is the suspense of the web series.

The entire game in this mini-series is about the closing argument given by the hero. He himself narrates the whole incident for the case by removing his lawyer. The judge has said that only mention the things related to the case, but the hero narrates the whole story from the very beginning. Every time the viewer starts connecting with his personal story, the judge reminds again to include only those things which are related to the case in the argument. Many viewers may not like this thing and the judge’s toka talki. Kaira’s character is very clever. In each episode he is shown reading books. She also indulges in prostitution to save her brother. What’s more, she also puts the matter of taking the blame on Jameel on her head, but when she leaves everything, then why does she give a tip to the police, it is incomprehensible. Hero’s sister’s character is also strong and like Kyra is ready to do anything for her brother, Hero’s sister Bless is also ready to do everything for him. It takes a long time for the hero to understand the real character of Kaira.

In the last episode, the hero is shown guilty on the one hand and Jameel’s family members become happy. There is also a second ending in which the jury reaches a decision but that decision is not disclosed to the audience. It is possible that another season is being conceived. Due to this confusion, the audience feels cheated. When they do not understand the ending, then the question of liking it does not arise. Samuel and Sophie’s acting is the best. Sophie is shown battling with books the whole time and she seems to be a read too. The graph of Sophie’s character is also decorated very neatly. Samuel has similar expressions in the court scenes, which gives a slight discomfort but his performance in the rest of the scenes is good. The character of the boss of the car dealership he works in is small but gives good depth to the hero’s character in the story. It is worth watching how a black person wants to fabricate life in a white society. Some praise has to be given to screenwriter Tom Edge and director Sarmad Masood as they have tweaked the way the story is presented. Starting a web series with a closing argument in court is a rebellious experiment. The first important dialogue of the web series, the lawyer of the opposing side says – We do not know what would have been the reason for the blood, but we have to prove that the reason has not been murdered anyway. With such a beautiful line, it is understood that where else the story will go.

You Don’t Know Me is a good web series. There are only 4 episodes so can be seen at once. The only fear is that even after the end, what happened to the end of the story, it will not be known and there will be disappointment somewhere.

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