You will be surprised to know the properties of sattu, which fills the body with energy, read these interesting things

Gone are the days when sattu was considered the food of the poor or farmers. Born in India, Sattu is one such ‘instant food’ in the world, which produces instant energy in the body as soon as it is consumed. It can also be eaten and mixed with water can also be drunk. Sattu is very useful, because it can be turned into many dishes very quickly. In the summer season, sattu is a better food to avoid heat. In the texts of Ayurveda, Sattu has been described as a magical diet, which not only satiates the body, but also ‘produces strength instantly’.

Friend of Krishna-Sudama and companion of Corona

Sattu is being used in India for thousands of years. Sattu strengthened the friendship of Lord Krishna and Sudama, so Buddhist monks were also able to do long yoga-sadhana on the strength of Sattu. In the olden times, sattu has been the main food for the soldiers, so due to the outbreak of corona in India, the government provided them packets of sattu to feed the poor. That is why it has been called a miraculous diet. There are mainly two types of sattu made from roasted barley and roasted gram flour. Roasted maize, jowar, millet, rice, water chestnut, wheat are also prepared by grinding in different regions.

There are mainly two types of sattu made from roasted barley and roasted gram flour.

There is food and there is also drinks.

This is such a diet, which can be eaten and drunk. Nowadays, the body can be cooled and satiated by making a soft drink of sweet or salty sattu in summer. Add sugar, milk etc. to sattu and eat it in the form of porridge, if you want, knead it soft, add lemon and salt to it and eat it with green chillies, you will get pleasure. Sattu stuffed parathas can increase your appetite, so it adds flavor and energy to the traditional dishes of Bihar, Litti and Baati of Rajasthan. Now that the dish of Sattu is being served in well-known restaurants and hotels, the online website that delivers food items to homes is selling Sattu packets. We can say that Sattu has soared high in the world of food items. The reason for this is that neither fuel, nor utensils, oil/ghee etc. are needed to use it as food. Eat or drink whenever you want.

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Sattu used to be carried along long distances

Sattu has been the food of India for thousands of years. It is described in detail in the chapter ‘Kritannavarga:’ of the Ayurvedic text ‘Charakasamhita’ written years ago and it has been called ‘Shaktavah’. There are many stories/legends regarding this diet. It is said that Buddhist monks who made long journeys to attain enlightenment used to carry ‘tsampa’ (a kind of sattu) with them as food. In the Kushan, Maurya Empire, sattu was also an ingredient in the form of nutritious food for the army. At that time, even the merchants going long distances used to keep the prepared sattu with them.

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During the guerrilla war with the Mughals, the Maratha satrap Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his army used to consume sattu as food. The reason for this was that sattu is nutritious, digestible and gives energy.


In the chapter ‘Kritannavarga:’ of the Ayurvedic text ‘Charakasamhita’, sattu is described in detail and it has been called ‘Shaktava’.

In ‘Charakasamhita’ it is called ‘Bajikaran substance’

There is something about sattu, that’s why it is being eaten and drunk for thousands of years. Sattu has been praised a lot in ‘Charakasamhita’. There it is described that it is going to satisfy the body immediately. In the book, it has been called ‘Bajikaran Dravya’ (miraculous) and it is said that it generates force in the body immediately. It is mild, sweet, cold, choleretic and destroys thirst and fever. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac. Dieticians also consider it very beneficial for the body, as it is rich in protein and oil free. Along with this, calcium and carbohydrates are also in sufficient amount in it.


Instantly generates force in the body. It is mild, sweet, cold, choleretic and destroys thirst and fever.

Keeps body fit and healthy

According to dietician and home chef Simmi Babbar, this is the world’s first instant food. It keeps the body fit and healthy. It controls sugar, as well as does not allow stomach diseases and obesity to increase. Iron is also found in it which helps in blood flow. It is also rich in fiber, which keeps the stomach clean. Due to these characteristics, people of the upper class are also including it in their diet. The big reason for this is that it is pure food. Despite having so many features, it is also economical. There is no demerit in Sattu, just overeating it can cause some problem. This will make the stomach bloated and will also become a factor of constipation. Too much of it sometimes increases acidity.

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